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I've found a rather straight-forward and not too highlighted method for members that, having filled their quota of deviations, would after a time want to remove any number of them to substitute the pertinent pieces, at their leisure, with newer and better work.

:bulletgreen: Go to a deviation you've submitted to the Group and want to remove from it. Click the "Edit Deviation" button.
:bulletgreen: On the "Edit Deviation" page you'll find just under "Category" the Groups where your deviation is currently displayed with a remove button (a white "X" on a red circle) beside each instance.
:bulletgreen: If you do so desire, click the pertinent remove button after which the message "The deviation will be removed from #Paleoartists when you save these changes." will appear along with an option to undo.
:bulletgreen: If you want to go through with it, do as the message says and save the changes.

Mind you, the minimum residence time for a deviation in this Group is one month.

I hope that was thorough enough, but if you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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